Hempstead Chapter

1-How was the chapter created and why?

The LIISA Hempstead chapter was created with the support of our immigrant community seeking to empower our youth within Nassau County, we started this chapter in hopes to educate high school students and college students to become successful and become mentors for the youth.

2-What events does the chapter have?

LIISA Hempstead chapter has hosted many events such as forums for DACA and TPS holders, Know Your Rights Forum: A guide to your rights when interacting with ICE, we participated in March for our Lives LI, Membership gathering in which we honor all our dedicated members, we hosted the 5th annual Dreamers Conference in Long Island, and we have our monthly youth meeting.

3-When does the chapter meet?

The Hempstead LIISA Chapter meets the first Saturday of each month 10-12AM.